Japanese Traditional Alcohol “SAKE” Ranking 10

“Sake” is preferred not only in Japan, but also now abroad. In addition to famous brands such as 14th, Kubota, Festival, etc., recently women’s popular sparkling type and rice wine has attracted attention. In addition, the features vary depending on frequency, scent, hotness, etc. I’m lost as to which one to choose.

Therefore, this time we introduce sake which is popular in mail order in ranking format. Furthermore, explanation of “How to choose sake” which was asked to Mr. nagi of former sake shop owner is also explained. As sake-conscious beginners are full of easy-to-understand advice, please refer to them!


It is a sugar-free (real brewing type), and it is characterized by the taste like water. While it is somewhat dry, it is a liquor that does not make the mouth feel soft and spicy.
As you say, “Because it is alcohol that you drink everyday, you are building with your hands on it.” As you say, alcohol produced from careful construction can also faint honor of Ginza.



There are many unique warehouses among the many warehouses in Japan. One of them is “Taruhei Sake Brewery” in Yamagata Prefecture.

As you can see that “barrels” are included in the name of the warehouse, this warehouse sticks to barrel wine. We have aged sake made from sake made in barrel of Yoshino cedar.

The distinctive aroma of barrels and the denseness not only in barrel maturing taste not found in other drinks. Moreover, this sake is quite dry, with a degree of sake of + 5 degrees. I have never drunk barrels! For those who want to try it once it is sake.



Speaking of sake, it has been a pure rice big ginjob boom for the last ten years, before it was a dry boom. It is Kami heart mind brewing located in Okayama prefecture that draws a line with such a boom in the world and runs its own line. It is an unusual warehouse to pursue sweet mouths throughout the country.

Given the cost performance, we can not abandon “Junmai rice wine bottle” here, but I’d like to recommend this time, here “shark fish”. The alcohol degree is as low as 8%, the sweetness which made it refreshing similar to the sweet white wine is attractive, and there is no doubt that you can taste deliciously even beginners of sake.




Jun rice liquor of “rid of mountain” finished in richness with mouth type alcoholic drink. A well-made koji and a robust mountainous sake mother, I pulled out the full flavor of rice.

Sour taste is effective, it is thick and drinking response “men”. I think that likes and dislikes can be divided, it is one that tells me the depth of Japanese sake.


松竹梅白壁蔵 澪 スパークリング清酒(MIO SPARKLING SEISYU)

Fresh bubbles are comfortable, a new sense of sparkling sake. It has a flavor reminiscent of Muscat, a moderately sour taste and a slightly sweet balanced flavor.

Recommended for those who feel the height of hurdles for sake. It is one that seems to make the toast a gorgeous place.


浦霞 禅 純米吟醸(URAKASUMI ZEN)

There is a sour taste with a clean drinking mouth. The fragrance is suppressed, the thickness is not much, but there is moderate umami, easy to drink. There is a bitter bitterness in the reverberation, which together with the acid is an accent of this liquor. In a word, it is a delicious alcoholic beverage, not a person with outstanding personality, but well-balanced, elegant atmosphere drifts.


獺祭 純米大吟醸50(DASSAI)

A festival that has become a star brand of the Japanese sake brewery in recent years. This “Junmai Daiginjo 50” is a popular item that can be said to be an introductory sake at the festival.

The taste is somewhat chilly and sweet, and the texture is smooth. When including in the mouth, the same flavor that stood above the glass spreads in the mouth is a flavor type net junmai Daiginjo. The taste is deep, the first impression is the sweet alcohol, but because the sake belongs to a plus little dry liquor, the flavor is good and the sweetness does not remain in the aftertaste. It is a blissful book that you can enjoy both Japanese sake liked and beginners.



Recommended for those who want to have fun with Japanese cuisine, Echigo Sakura Sake brewed rice liquor. Because it is made only with water and rice, it does not contain additives etc and you can feel the original flavor of rice.

Not only rich aroma but also richness is rich in taste, it is ideal for enjoying with food. It is reputed that it is delicious even if it is chilled or hot.



Shimataki Brewery’s Shimantaki Shuzo’s Shimizu Net Rice Ginjo, which also has a fruity aroma in the scent peculiar to sake. Spread freshly in the mouth, it tastes easy to match any dish. It is perfect for people who drink sake for the first time.

Because it is cool to drink that is recommended and recommended, please chill it and enjoy it.


田酒 特別純米酒(DENSYU)

A sake made by Aomori Prefecture that is suitable for alcoholic brewing “Flowing snow” is a product of local sake. There is dryness while dry, it is a refreshing taste that does not get tired of drinking.

There is not sarcophile sweetness or alcohol smell, conviction goodness. Please try and taste with kirili. The price is high, but it is one that I want to drink once.



Today, I introduce about Japanese traditional alcohol. When I travel abroad and order traditional alcohol every time, but I can’t read the name of alcohol. So If you have opportunity to visit japan, you should try it absolutely.

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