Modern Art Asia submission deadlines


Papers: May 2nd, 2014, or by negotiation with the editors


Modern Art Asia invites graduate students and early career scholars working on the arts and material cultures of Asia from the eighteenth century to the present to submit previously unpublished papers of 4,500-10,000 words for peer-review. Modern Art Asia aims to take an interdisciplinary and innovative approach to the study of Asia, and will consider papers on media and experiments that stretch the parameters of ‘fine art’. We are also seeking students and journalists interested in becoming regular correspondents or in submitting shorter journalistic pieces.


Word limits: Academic papers: 4,500-10,000 (excl. endnotes) / Correspondence and opinion pieces: 500-2,500 words / Exhibition, book, performance reviews: 500-1000 words


Students submitting academic papers who wish to include image reproductions are responsible for  obtaining these and necessary copyright permissions. Up to four accompanying images should be submitted as .jpgs at a resolution of 300dpi. Copyright remains with the author and authors may re-publish papers with acknowledgement of Modern Art Asia as the original site of publication. Include an abstract  (250 words) and biography (150 words) with submissions over 2,000 words.


Articles should be submitted in plain text or .doc formats, with bibliographic citations, if required, given as endnotes. Text should be unformatted, single spaced, with titles of texts and art works in italics. Use of non-roman characters should be avoided.
Contact to submit articles and for further information.



New appointments to the editorial boards of Modern Art Asia and Enzo Arts and Publishing

We’re currently making new appointments to the editorial board of both Enzo Arts and Publishing and Modern Art Asia. The primary responsibility of editors is to peer-review content, and to help with disseminating calls and finding new voices to publish. The Enzo Board We’re looking to make additional appointments in specific geographic areas, looking for experts in the arts of China, South East Asia, and South America. Editors will act as second readers on monographs that have already been accepted for publication by the commissioning editor. Remuneration is by royalty, with additional access to complimentary and discounted titles from our inventory. Editors will not be expected to work on more than two monographs a year. It is an excellent career development opportunity, offering practical skills and insight into the publishing industry, that can fit around your other work and obligations, which might suit a recent post-doc. or early career researcher. Modern Art Asia Modern Art Asia commissions and publishes essays across a wide range of geographic areas in Asia. The journal publishes quarterly, and editors are never expected to work on more than one submission (of up to 10,000 words) per issue. This differs from the Enzo board, in that regional editors often act as first readers, and therefore determine what will be published in an issue. Editors on this title are not currently remunerated for their work, but do have access to complimentary and discounted titles from the Enzo Arts inventory. No prior experience of editorial work is required for either board. Applicants to both posts must hold (or, for application to Modern Art Asia, be in the stages of completing) a PhD in a relevant subject area, or in the absence of this have significant professional experience in a related field. Please note that scholars of South and Latin American (and areas of non-Western art besides Asia) can only apply to the Enzo board, while scholars of Asia may apply to both. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please feel free to contact or with any enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!

Update August 2013: we have now filled the majority of these positions, but are still accepting applications from scholars of Chinese and South American art to the Enzo board.